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Definitions of provable

  • capable of being shown to be true by by evidence or argument

    I presented clear and provable facts.

Phrase Bank for provable

  • Any check remitted to the landlord that fails to “clear” in the banking process for any reason whatsoever, except provable bank error, will cause a $25.00 service charge.

  • … as of the earliest provable date of such withholding.

  • … (v) Tenant’s loss of business and business interruption; and (vi) all other provable damages.

  • Either party shall be free to make claim against the condemning authority for the amount of the actual provable damage done to each of them by such Proceeding.

  • … a declaration of acceleration of the Maturity thereof pursuant to Section 502 or the amount thereof provable in bankruptcy.

  • Only statements of provable fact – or statements that imply provable fact – can be defamatory.