• General legal English

Definitions of preventive

  • done to stop something from getting worse or becoming a problem

    The media are calling for better preventive measures to minimize casualties.

Phrase Bank for preventive

  • This preventive action was castigated by the judges on the Queen’s Bench.

  • If the joyriding can’t be stopped then preventive measures on the streets are needed.

  • It also plays a prominent part in preventive work through the vaccination and immunization programme designed to give children protection against crippling diseases such as poliomyelitis and the damaging effects that can follow relatively mild diseases such as measles.

  • He is reported to have been arrested under sweeping preventive detention laws.

  • Two sets of findings in particular suggest preventive strategies that could considerably reduce the prevalence of acute psychotic episodes.

  • … in accordance with Grantor’s then current preventive maintenance procedures which shall not substantially deviate from standard industry practice.