preferential terms


  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law

Definitions of preferential terms

  • conditions in an agreement or other arrangement that are better than those usually offered

    The bank granted her the loan on preferential terms.

Phrase Bank for preferential terms

  • Beijing already offers preferential terms for talented young people from the high-tech island to work in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.

  • Some proposals are conceptually sweeping: one would designate certain services, like Google Maps, as “essential facilities” so that companies couldn’t use their market dominance to extract preferential terms from smaller companies.

  • The key business concern is the potential failure to agree a trade deal on preferential terms with the EU for goods and services.

  • China needs Iran’s oil and can obtain it under preferential terms if it breaks with Washington.

  • Once these preferential terms were in place, the Council worked with buyers who wanted to take advantage of the favorable policy.

  • … the monthly rental payment is decided by mutual agreement of both parties based on the market price at that time with preferential terms as offered by Party A.

  • grant “most favored nation” status or similar preferential terms to any Person; (iv) enter into any agreement or arrangement limiting the right of …