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Definitions of perfect

  • to complete; to finish; to make enforceable

    Generally, the creditor who has perfected the security interest first will have the first priority.

Phrase Bank for perfect

  • Buyer shall promptly execute and deliver such documentation as may be required by Seller, in proper form, to perfect Seller’s security interest under the Uniform Commercial Code or any other relevant statute, law, or regulation.

  • Grantor shall take such further actions as Lender may reasonably request from time to time to perfect or continue the perfection of Lender’s interest in the Intellectual Property Collateral.

  • This obligation shall include an obligation to execute any and all necessary financing statements to perfect the security interest herein granted to Supplier as well as its ownership interest, if any, herein evidenced in order to perfect Supplier’s interest in the Equipment and Software and its rights to payment and performance …

  • Consultant shall further assist Company, at its request and expense, to further evidence, record and perfect such assignments and to perfect, obtain, maintain, enforce and defend any rights assigned.

  • Sublicensor, and not Sublicensee, shall be responsible for prosecuting all United States patent applications, and foreign patent applications in such foreign jurisdictions as Sublicensor chooses, included within the Patent Rights, and for taking action at its discretion as shall perfect or effect its title to the Patent Rights.

  • If any Dissenting Stockholder shall have failed to perfect or shall have effectively withdrawn or lost such right, such holder’s shares of TeleNav Stock shall thereupon be treated as if they had been converted into stock of the Surviving Corporation.

Additional Notes for perfect

  • The term perfect is often used in relation to perfecting a security interest: To perfect Aastrom’s security interest in the Shares, Maker hereby authorizes Aastrom to retain physical possession of the Certificate evidencing the Shares.