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Definitions of parent

  • a mother or a father

    Following a divorce, 90% of children reside "mainly" with one of their parents.

  • (also used as a modifier) a company or an organization that owns or controls one or more other companies or organizations

    The News of the World was closed by its parent, News International.

Phrase Bank for parent

  • WITNESSETH WHEREAS, the Parent wishes to make a capital contribution in the form of certain assets of the Parent to the Subsidiary, and the Subsidiary …

  • Your execution of this letter agreement is an inducement to Parent entering into the Agreements providing for the Mergers as well as in consideration for …

  • Parent and Executive entered into a Retention Agreement effective as of February 14, 2002 (the “Retention Agreement”).

  • She advises worried parents to take their children out to museums, the theatre and cinema, and to make sure that they are getting plenty of interaction with other children.

  • Mary had lost both parents, her husband and two children within the space of ten years.

  • He lives with his parents and sister in a big terraced house in one of the older townships in Wirral.