opt in

phrasal verb

Definitions of opt in

  • to choose to be involved in an offer or scheme

    "He will opt in to the Social Chapter of the new European Treaty."

Phrase Bank for opt in

  • Requiring employees to ‘opt out’ rather than to ‘opt in’ to retirement plans has increased participation rates.

  • Other states can ‘opt in’ to California’s program.

  • Business groups have proposed an ‘opt in’ rule for class actions (group actions) under which only individuals who affirmatively opt to join a suit would become class members.

  • An opt-in mailing list is the best, most effective and smartest option that you can choose.

  • After days of negotiation, they were finally offered an opt-in, despite their refusal to join the scheme during its early stages.

Additional Notes for opt in

  • Opt in is the opposite of opt out.

  • In informal AmE, persons who opt in or out of a case are called opt ins or opt outs.