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Definitions of opponent

  • a person who is arguing, fighting, or competing against you

    He is a noted human rights campaigner and an opponent of the President.

  • a person who disagrees with an idea, project, or a plan etc and who tries to change or stop it

    Opponents have criticized the plan because of its environmental impact.

Phrase Bank for opponent

  • These precautions shall include, without limitation, pre-match review of all wrestling moves and manoeuvres with wrestling partners and opponents.

  • … witness biographies, depositions, and affidavits may be utilized, subject to the opponent’s right to a live cross-examination of the witness in person.

  • Any party deposing an opponent’s expert must pay the expert’s fee for attending the deposition.

  • She refused to say if she will accept a challenge from her Republican opponent.

  • A new Spanish language ad from Democratic candidate Donna Shalala is going after her opponent in Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

  • His opponent said the ruling will help clear up confusion.