occupier's liability insurance


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Definitions of occupier's liability insurance

  • an insurance policy against claims arising from an occupier’s liability towards people injured on property that the occupier lives in or uses

    Each Party agrees to maintain proper occupier's liability insurance (or other comparable insurance).

Phrase Bank for occupier's liability insurance

  • Firstly, occupiers should always take out occupiers’ liability insurance to protect themselves against such potential compensation claims.

  • Owners of public buildings without occupiers liability insurance are already violators of the law.

  • You will have to purchase your own occupiers’ liability insurance for coverage of your own flat in respect of injuries to visitors in your flat.

  • Occupiers Liability Insurance provides compensation in events of bodily injury, death and property damage to the business users and members of the public in the event of building collapse, fire, earthquakes, storm or flood.

  • According to the country’s Insurance Act of 2003, it is a violation of the occupiers liability insurance requirements not to insure a public building.

Additional Notes for occupier's liability insurance

  • Occupiers liability insurance concerns the duty of care owed by those who occupy any property, through ownership or lease, to people who visit or trespass.