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Definitions of novelty

  • the quality of being new or different from anything else that exists (and therefore satisfying one of the requirements of patentability)

    To meet the novelty requirement, the invention must not have been known or used by others in this country before the applicant invented it.

Phrase Bank for novelty

  • Once the initial novelty has worn off they will often no longer be needed, you’ll understand the concepts better and be able to make your own judgements.

  • Its novelty was wearing off.

  • Well, I suppose it does have some novelty value.

  • But it is not a scientific novelty.

  • The arrival of aircraft is no great novelty in the many villages in the region that have an airstrip but no access by road.

Additional Notes for novelty

  • novel (adjective) used to describe something that is new and interesting; not previously known: He came up with a novel scheme to collect money.

  • A novelty item is a product that has no practical purpose but which is bought because it is fun, unique, amusing, or simply a new idea: key chains, bats, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, clothing and all other such merchandise of similar type known generally as novelty or souvenir items.