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Definitions of non-retroactivity

  • the fact of a law, rule, or decision etc not having effect from a date before it was made

    Non-retroactivity is a basic principle of international law is; this ruling cannot be allowed to overrule past decisions.

Phrase Bank for non-retroactivity

  • The non-retroactivity of the law means that, as a general rule, the law does not apply to events that occurred in the past.

  • The Law Commission formulated a rule on the non-retroactivity of treaties as follows: Article 24. Non-retroactivity of treaties.

  • The following chart indicates provisions concerning non-retroactivity in criminal law adopted by the various nations of the world.

  • That is why the rule of non-retroactivity of penal laws is considered one of the most effective laws that serves and secures humanity.

  • Danforth held that states were not bound by Teague’s general rule of non-retroactivity.

  • The application of the rule of non-retroactivity of the penal code has prevalence in the applicability of criminal rule as to time.

  • This is the limitation on non-retroactivity of tax issuances which was highlighted by the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) in its most recent case.

Additional Notes for non-retroactivity

  • retroactivity (noun) the fact of a law, rule, or decision etc having effect from a date before it was made: Our advice must now take into account the impact of retroactivity on all taxpayers involved.