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Definitions of negligently

  • done in a way that fails to give the appropriate level of care or attention, especially when this causes harm or damage

    The claim alleges that Caesarstone acted negligently in not providing the required information.

Phrase Bank for negligently

  • Negligently and/or recklessly failing to exercise that degree of care and caution required of a reasonable and prudent Memphis police officer.

  • Daniels’ family sued in 2014, alleging that BART had negligently issued a work order indicating the two men would be on a different stretch of track.

  • Under existing Nebraska law, anyone who “knowingly, intentionally, or negligently causes or permits a minor child to be placed in a situation …

  • A Kihei man was placed on four years’ probation for negligently causing a traffic collision that led to the death of a pedestrian.

  • The suit says Bailey, working for the city of Wierton at the time, negligently drove a Ford F350, causing it to strike the rear of plaintiffs vehicle.

  • A Houston man alleges that surgery was negligently performed on his back and now he is unable to perform the essential functions of his job.

  • Where a solicitor negligently fails to advise a client of a potential claim against a third party, and where that client then brings a claim against the solicitor, seeking damages for the lost opportunity to pursue the former claim: must the client prove, on the balance of probabilities, that the former claim would have been an honest claim?

  • We reported last month that the case could change the courts’ approach to dealing with claims over negligently conducted litigation more generally.