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Definitions of moot

  • discussed or argued about with no clear answer; open to argument

    To what extent they work together and share intelligence is a moot point.

  • having no practical significance; hypothetical; abstract or purely academic

    The possible grounds for appeal were moot as the parties decided to settle out of court.

  • not subject to a court ruling because the point has not arisen or the dispute has ended

    The question is moot as both parties accept that this is not the situation in this case.

Phrase Bank for moot

  • Whether the defendant would have been described as an alcoholic is a moot point.

  • The specific terms of the agreement were moot.

  • A majority of the court held that the controversy was moot.

  • The question is moot.

  • Lawyers at the firm put her through a grueling (= difficult) moot court.

Additional Notes for moot

  • This word derives from the Old English gemot which meant meeting or assembly, usually to discuss community affairs or to hold court proceedings.

  • moot court the practice of law students arguing hypothetical cases as part of their legal education