monopoly right


  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law
  • Competition Law

Definitions of monopoly right

  • a privilege granted by an authority to a person or entity to exclude all others from using, producing or selling a certain invention, product or service

    The bid poses the biggest challenge so far in an industry still dominated by companies that have long enjoyed monopoly rights.

Phrase Bank for monopoly right

  • The Executive agrees that he will not deliberately do any act or thing which may prejudice the application for the grant or the validity of any patent design right, copyright or other monopoly right in any Intellectual Property which is the property of the Company or such Associated Company as the Company may nominate.

  • The new monopoly right would also be extended to scientific and academic journals.

  • This really is a signficant monopoly right.

  • Suppose government decides to award a monopoly right to one firm to produce good X.

  • The risk of a minoritarian bias may be problematic in light of the oftenheard critique that a GI creates a monopoly right.

  • Akamatsu Enshin issued this order to protect the monopoly right.