lock up


  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Banking and Finance

Definitions of lock up

  • to invest money in a way so that it cannot easily be used for other investments

    I've locked up at least 60 per cent of my portfolio in bonds.

  • (informal) if you lock someone up then you put them in jail or prison

    Lock him up for life!

Phrase Bank for lock up

  • The magistrate had to consider, however, not only whether the documents could be locked up in cabinets, but also whether Brown Bag’s counsel could lock-up trade secrets in his mind, safe from inadvertent disclosure to his employer once he had read the documents.

  • We have never given the slightest indication that we would sanction a board decision to lock up voting power by any means.

  • The Court of Appeal addressed itself to the effect of the threat to lock up the jury.

  • As a condition to the Original Merger Agreement, it also establishes that Paramount’s purpose in granting the option was to “lockup” the deal.

  • Under this contemptible administration, any woman could become a woman who should be locked up or sent back.