local custom


Definitions of local custom

  • the way that something is done in a particular place, especially when unique or typical of that place

    "The refugees will learn Spanish and attend classes on local customs."

Phrase Bank for local custom

  • Where a municipal officer operates pursuant to a local custom or procedure, the Parratt/Hudson doctrine is inapposite.

  • The testimony of Dr. Tanna is to the effect that in accordance with local custom the quoted data on plaintiff’s admission sheet was dictated by him into a recording device situated in the hospital record room.

  • In this jurisdiction, the applicable standard is a national standard, not just a local custom.

  • This testimony was objected to, and the ruling of the court was stated in these words: “I do not think that it is admissible unless you propose to show that that local custom was known to both contracting parties.

  • In accordance with local custom and usage, the carrier unloaded the caprolactam at a warehouse under the control of the Administration of the Port of Salvador (the port authority), an agency of the Brazilian government.