jump bail


  • Criminal Law

Definitions of jump bail

  • to fail to appear (=be present) in court unlawfully after being released from custody on bail

    He pleaded guilty to the child abuse charge at trial but then jumped bail in January last year.

Phrase Bank for jump bail

  • Not only will it assist in determining whether the defendant will be released at all, more important, it will help the agent locate him in the event they jump bail.

  • Mr Chris Omokhafe, a counsel representing the accused, urged the court to grant them bail, promising that they would not jump bail.

  • The magistrate said there was no reason not to grant bail to the journalist but took note of the argument that he may jump bail.

  • If granted bail, the defendants would not jump bail nor commit any offence and would not tamper with EFCC investigation.’

  • The prosecution in the affidavit had objected to the bail application, claiming that Senator Melaye might jump bail if it were granted.

Additional Notes for jump bail

  • bail jumping (noun) unlawfully failing to appear in court after being released on bail: He still faces charges of felony bail jumping.

  • bail (noun) a sum of money that a person accused of a crime pays to a court (as a guarantee that they will return) so that they can be released until their trial: He was released on bail.