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Definitions of interpellate

  • to interrupt someone formally to question them, usually during a legal argument in court, or in a parlimentary procedure

    Tiangco was among the first to interpellate during the budget deliberations on Monday.

  • to question someone formally. especially someone in authority

    The Senate wants to interpellate the PM before the Chamber.

Phrase Bank for interpellate

  • He said this would be based on his assumption that no interpellations would be made or only a few would interpellate.

  • But two senators have expressed their intention to interpellate: Sen. Cynthia Villar and Sen. Ralph Recto.

  • Committee report 622, which contains Senate Bill 2198, was signed by 11 senators -some of whom expressed readiness to interpellate.

  • The first to interpellate was the Honorable Lito Atienza, and I was very pleased to listen to his passionate speech.

  • Members who voted against it on Tuesday said they had not been given a chance to interpellate or ask questions.

  • Other lawmakers expressed interest to interpellate on the matter, but the House agreed to put it on hold until tomorrow.

Additional Notes for interpellate

  • interpellation (noun) The group pointed out that the “period of interpellation and debate on the bill was cut short in February to give way for its hasty approval.