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Definitions of infirmity

  • weakness caused by age or illness

    He said all this results in infirmity and deaths, which provoke losses for institutions.

  • an imperfection or mistake that results in a particular transaction being invalid or incomplete

    Plaintiffs alleged that they discovered the infirmity of the Deed of Absolute Sale after payment was made.

Phrase Bank for infirmity

  • Any question as to whether Executive has a disability or infirmity shall be conclusively determined by a qualified physician selected by the Company.

  • For purposes of this Agreement, the term “Disability” shall mean the inability of Employee, due to illness or physical or mental infirmity, to perform his duties …

  • Maker shall be deemed to have suffered a “Disability” if as a result of a physical or mental incapacity or infirmity, Maker shall be unable to properly and fully …

  • He resigned in September and returned home; after recovering from his infirmity, he became a school principal in Pittsfield.

  • The health market – or more bluntly, the infirmity market – is set to become a battleground, as companies compete to sell older customers mobility aids and the like.

  • Most painful for Gross is seeing Estelle, a proud and private woman, frustrated by her growing infirmity.

  • Almost 30 percent of the victims of antisocial behavior surveyed in the government report said they had “longstanding illness, disability or infirmity.”