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Definitions of infertile

  • physically unable to have children

    We allow infertile couples to marry, so procreation (=having children) cannot be a requirement for marriages.

Phrase Bank for infertile

  • The Mindfulness Based Program for Infertility (MBPI) is a group intervention designed for infertile women and data from its efficacy study revealed impact in depressive symptoms reduction as well as in internal and external shame, entrapment and defeat.

  • Some of the test plants were infertile.

  • Objective: To evaluate and compare the extent of Internet use by infertile couples attending a government-funded and a private assisted reproductive technology clinic.

  • To compare the microRNA (miRNA) expression profile in spermatozoa from three infertile populations vs. a group of fertile men.

  • Objective: To evaluate levels of sperm nuclear DNA damage in infertile men with normal and abnormal standard semen parameters.

  • Among infertile adults with a varicocele, surgery is indicated in the presence of abnormal semen analysis regardless of testicular atrophy.

Additional Notes for infertile

  • infertility (noun) a person’s physically inability to have children: Infertility affects nearly 1 in 6 couples.