indefinite contract


  • Contract Law
  • Employment Law

Definitions of indefinite contract

  • a vague, unclear or poorly defined contract

    It may be difficult to enforce an indefinite contract.

  • an indefinite contract of service is an employment contract under which a person is employed for an indefinite period of time (=without a limit)

    An employee whose fixed term contract has expired and is retained in employment may be considered to be under an indefinite contract.

Phrase Bank for indefinite contract

  • I have an indefinite contract with an employee.

  • Even if there is no written contract, you will be deemed to have concluded an indefinite contract with the employee.

  • Ashton was reappointed on an indefinite contract last December.

Additional Notes for indefinite contract

  • The courts will not enforce a contract where the terms are extremely vague and indefinite. However, courts do enforce contracts for an indefinite quantity of goods, contracts with indefinite delivery terms and contracts of indefinite duration (in particular, employment contracts).