handling stolen goods


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Definitions of handling stolen goods

  • the crime of taking in property that you know to be stolen and then helping the thief to sell the goods on or to otherwise dispose of the goods

    He was found guilty of a charge of handling stolen goods after exchanging the victim's iPhone for £100.

Phrase Bank for handling stolen goods

  • At MFI Law Limited we have the expertise in representing clients charged with handling stolen goods.

  • Handling stolen goods is an either way offence, which means that it can be dealt with in either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.

  • If you are accused of handling stolen goods, the police will have to prove that you either: …

  • Police often suspect people of handling stolen goods if they are investigating another crime, and are suspicious why a suspect has more luxury or electronic items than they could reasonably afford.

  • The solicitors at Stephen Lickrish & Associates have dealt with many handling cases, and worked hard to have property returned to our clients as soon as possible.

  • “It’s extremely extraordinary for someone charged with handling stolen goods to be handcuffed in the dock,” Young said.

  • He pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods, as well as 11 offences of fraud.

  • However, if the tickets were indeed obtained through illegal means, and the purchaser is believed to have known about it, the buyer could face a maximum of 14 years in prison for handling stolen goods.