free pardon


  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Rights Law

Definitions of free pardon

  • an official statement that someone convicted of a crime is now forgiven and released from any further punishment

    Michael Shields has won an important battle at the High Court in his bid for a free pardon.

Phrase Bank for free pardon

  • So his release on a free pardon is to be welcomed.

  • Though he did not receive the annulment of his conviction that he pursued, he was granted a free pardon.

  • This led to a posthumous free pardon by the home secretary in 1966.

  • In order to grant a free pardon, he would have to be satisfied that Shields was “morally and technically innocent”.

  • His release came after Straw said he had concluded “that Michael Shields is telling the truth when he says he is innocent” and had “recommended to her majesty the Queen that he should be granted a free pardon“.

  • The idea that the basis for a free pardon is that the moral as well as the technical innocence of the convicted person could be established stems from the posthumous pardon granted in 1993 to Derek Bentley, who was executed for murder in 1953.

  • The Home Secretary has made a provisional decision that the application for a free pardon from Mr Fantele should be refused.