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Definitions of forgery

  • the crime of making an illegal copy of a document or work of art etc

    He was found guilty of two counts of forgery at Norwich Crown Court.

Phrase Bank for forgery

  • (ii) the Eligible Executive has been convicted of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (including forgery, fraud, theft or embezzlement), …

  • Be careful to minimise the risk of forgery and fraud.

  • He was accused of forgery in connection with a building contract made shortly before the failure.

  • She was actually committing theft or forgery.

  • Kronweiser hadn’t proved forgery.

  • She was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for criminal fraud and forgery.

  • He was charged with with conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to commit forgery and two offences of false accounting.

Additional Notes for forgery

  • A commercial forgery policy is a specific type of banking liability insurance coverage that protects the insured from any counterfeit checks that are passed to it.