final demand


  • Dispute Resolution
  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law
  • Consumer Protection Law

Definitions of final demand

  • the last official request for payment that a person makes before suing for payment of an outstanding debt

    A final demand will be issued when a Traffic Infringement has not been paid before the due date.

  • (ECONOMICS) a term used to describe the total demand for an economy’s output. It is used to help calculate an economy’s gross domestic product (GDP)

    If turmoil in America's financial markets affects final demand, that would hit Japan harder than many other countries.

Phrase Bank for final demand

  • Public offering price of the securities to be included in such Demand Registration is at least $10,000,000 (except for the final Demand Registration exercised).

  • I heard nothing more until I got a final demand for £93.

  • One year after the final demand for payment the United States brought a civil action in the United States Court of International Trade for the damages plus interest from the date of final notice to Imperial.

  • In Laas, the date of disagreement was the date of the insureds’ final demand after State Farm’s offer.

  • Joshua Shapiro, the chief United States economist with MFR, said that the new orders index in the manufacturing report declined, indicating weak final demand growth.

  • But we will need a recovery in final demand in Western economies for that to be sustained.