final award


  • Jurisprudence
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Procedural Law and Evidence

Definitions of final award

  • the money awarded by a court to a successful claimant following all appeals and reductions to any original award.

    The plaintiffs in this case had asked the jury for $196 billion in punitive damages. The final award fell short of that, but it was still huge.

Phrase Bank for final award

  • The $1.6 million final award was far less than the plaintiff’s expenses.

  • Murray requested that the court vacate the final award.

  • Plaintiff sought a final award of damages against the defendant.

  • Confidentiality applies until the court makes a final award.

Additional Notes for final award

  • In some jurisdictions, such as the US, a judge may award an amount different to that awarded by a jury if it is found that no reasonable jury would have awarded that sum.