filling the amendment tree


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Definitions of filling the amendment tree

  • (of a legislative body, especially of a member of the US Senate) the controversial practice of taking all of the available slots for amendments on a particular piece of legislation in order to block competing amendments

    They objected to his use of a parliamentary procedure known as "filling the amendment tree" to block Republicans from offering amendments on the Senate floor.

Phrase Bank for filling the amendment tree

  • He was accused of trying to prevent senators from offering additional amendments by filling the amendment tree.

  • Cruz also went after McConnell for filling the amendment tree.

  • Majority leaders use such parliamentary devices as “filling the amendment tree” to prevent the minority from introducing amendments.

Additional Notes for filling the amendment tree

  • Senate rules limit the number of amendments that may be attached to a bill at any one time. This finite number of amendments is commonly referred to as the “amendment tree”. In this metaphor, the bill is symbolized by the “trunk” of a tree and the amendments are represented as “branches.”