file a petition


  • Jurisprudence
  • Procedural Law and Evidence
  • Bankruptcy Law

Definitions of file a petition

  • to give a written application to a court requesting a legal remedy (=the enforcement of a right, imposition of a penalty, payment of compensation or making some other court order)

    She filed a petition for divorce.

Phrase Bank for file a petition

  • Mrs. Doughty filed a petition with the court to have her parental rights restored.

  • They filed a petition with the Environmental Authority requesting that the park be cleaned up.

  • Mehmet’s family filed a series of petitions about his disappearance to the authorities.

  • The bankrupt (=having no money) intends to file a petition for an arrangement with his creditors (=those owed money).

Additional Notes for file a petition

  • A petitioner is someone who files a petition, and also a synonym for appellant in some jurisdictions.

  • A petition is also a formal request signed by several people made to a government official, organisation or individual, to stop a particular action or demanding that action be taken about something. The handing over of such a petition to the person/institution to which it is addressed, is referred to as submitting a petition.