federal court


  • Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil law systems

Definitions of federal court

  • a court established by the authority of a federal government

    Judge Isiyaku Mohammed said that under the constitution, the federal court could not intervene in the affairs of an Islamic court.

Phrase Bank for federal court

  • The Federal Court has imposed a civil penalty of $1 million against Melbourne-based financial advice firm, NSG Services for breaches of the best interests duty.

  • A California case now pending in federal court poses that argument.

  • Following the Federal Court’s decision on the Northwest Territory Métis Nation Land and Resources Agreement-in-Principle, the Northwest Territory Métis Nation (NWTMN) have released a statement.

  • The Federal Court ruled the computer company misled customers over their rights to a repair, replacement or refund for faulty products.

  • An appeal, launched by Rinehart over an earlier Federal Court decision to allow two of her children, Bianca Hope Rinehart and John Langley Hancock, to take her to court in a public trial was today overruled.

Additional Notes for federal court

  • state court (noun) a court (=place where cases are heard) created according to a state constitution and having authority to hear cases concerning state law, as compared with federal law: The State Court of Appeals reversed a previous decision to throw out the lawsuit.