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Definitions of depository

  • a person or organization with which a person or organization leaves funds or valuable possessions in safe keeping

    Pension funds could be exempt from formally (=not required to) choosing a depository under the latest, and final, version of the European Directive (=legislation passed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union)

Phrase Bank for depository

  • The class members of this suit, represented by Appellee Goldstein, were share owners who, pursuant to the offer, tendered their stock through their own brokers or banks to DTC. DTC is a securities depository and national clearinghouse.

  • FIRREA allows claimants either to obtain administrative review, followed by judicial review, of “any [disallowed] claim against a depository institution for which the [FDIC] is receiver,” or to file suit for de novo consideration of the disallowed claim in a district court.

  • As we discuss in Part IV, the rationale behind D’Oench has been extended far beyond the factual setting in D’Oench itself, and now applies to virtually all cases where a federal depository institution regulatory agency is confronted with an agreement not documented.

  • 4.4 The sale or exchange contemplated by these procedures shall be closed at the principal corporate trust office of the Depository.

  • WHEREAS, PSN has been established for the purpose of engaging in the business of providing services to depository institutions and other customers relating …

  • “Account Collateral” has the meaning specified in Section 2.2 of the —————— – Depository Agreement. “Accredited Investor” has the meaning specified in …