del credere agent


Definitions of del credere agent

  • (UK LAW) a person who, selling goods for their principal on credit, undertakes for an additional commission to sell only to people who are solvent

    "As the result of a del credere agency, the del credere agent becomes a surety of the purchaser."

Phrase Bank for del credere agent

  • First it was thought that the liability of the del credere agent was primary.

  • The service rendered by a del credere agent prior to the amendment brought it into the definition of business auxiliary service.

  • In case an applicant is working as Del Credere Agent (DCA), the value of sales through DCA would be considered.

Additional Notes for del credere agent

  • The phrase del credere which means ‘of belief or trust’ was first used in Italy, and borrowed by the English in the 18th centruy.