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Definitions of conservator

  • a person that is chosen by a court to look after another person’s interests. The role of a conservator is similar to that of a guardian, although a conservator has more authority and can make investments in the same way as a trustee.

    An interested person can petition the court to appoint a conservator to handle the affairs for a senior.

  • a person responsible for the maintenance of things of cultural or environmental interest eg works of art or historic buildings

    Ms Dubois has been appointed principal chief conservator of forests.

Phrase Bank for conservator

  • The initial stage consists of getting an assessment for the cost of repairs from a certified conservator.

  • Does this imply the Superior Court should name a conservator for all Marinites?

  • The Department of Family and Protective Services was appointed as sole managing conservator for the child.

  • the Public Conservator

Additional Notes for conservator

  • Curator has the same meaning as the first definition of conservator and is used in several American states as well as other English-speaking jurisdictions.