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Definitions of conflict

  • an incompatibility (=where two things cannot exist together) between two opposing opinions, principles, ideas, interests or laws etc

    Officials say there is no conflict of interest.

  • a serious disagreement or argument that continues over a period of time

    Mediation is helpful in cases involving children where ongoing conflict between the parents is likely to impact negatively on their development.

  • a war or armed struggle

    More than 900 servicemen died in the Falklands conflict.

Phrase Bank for conflict

  • A court will lean towards resolving the conflict in a way that gives effect to the commercial intention of the rules.

  • Failure to address and resolve these issues will lead to conflict.

  • This must be done as a matter of priority in order to avoid conflicts between regulatory rules and fiduciary law.

  • Changes in property law often, for instance, came into conflict with inherited beliefs about the proper division of labour in the family.

  • Conflicts of interest are particularly likely to arise in firms that are companies because, even if there is functional segregation within a company with different activities being carried out in different departments between which there are Chinese walls, the knowledge of one part of the company will be attributed to (ie treated in law as known to) all parts.

  • For years, the region has been torn apart by armed conflict.

  • There is an express provision in Community law dealing with the resolution of any conflicts between, for example, free access to the fishing grounds of the other member states (which had been restricted by Community law itself) and stability of the national fisheries markets.