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Definitions of confidentiality

  • a situation in which someone must keep a secret or not give private information to anyone else

    Medical-marijuana proponents say confidentiality of patient records is at risk if the federal government can obtain state-compiled records as part of a federal drug investigation.

Phrase Bank for confidentiality

  • Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreement – Alloy Designs Inc. and Matthew C. Diamond

  • They have guaranteed to maintain confidentiality (they do not keep names and addresses) but perhaps the safest way to do this is to edit the material to be given by your department or exclude any material that is remotely confidential.

  • This raises difficult problems of commercial confidentiality.

  • Have there been any breaches of confidentiality or illegal use of information by search firms you have employed in the past?

  • Bankers are under a duty of confidentiality to their clients (see Tournier v National Provincial and Union Bank of England [1924] 1 KB 461).

  • The essential elements of a confidentiality agreement are an acknowledgment by the purchaser that: (a) the existence of the negotiations and all information received relating to the vendor’s business is confidential; (b) the purchaser will maintain the confidentiality and ensure that all persons receiving the information maintain the confidentiality; (c) the purchaser will only use information for assessing its acquisition of the business and for no other purpose; (d) the purchaser will return all the information and either return or destroy all copies if the transaction does not complete.