confidentiality clause


  • Contract Law

Definitions of confidentiality clause

  • a paragraph or section in an agreement or other legal document stating that the details in and/or related to the agreement or document are not to be discussed or made available to other parties

    The court's decision today puts an end to boilerplate confidentiality clauses.

Phrase Bank for confidentiality clause

  • The provisions of clause 10 (Confidentiality), clause 13.1 (liability) shall continue following the Closing. ARTICLE 12: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 12.1. All intellectual property rights related to the Know How shall belong to SuperGen and will be deemed to be transferred from Pharmachemie to SuperGen.

  • Employee understands and agrees that a breach of this confidentiality clause by any of the above named individuals will be deemed a breach of this Agreement by Employee.

  • … domestic partner (as defined by Borders Group Inc. benefits plans), tax advisor and an attorney with whom Employee chooses to consult regarding Employee’s consideration of this Agreement, provided that said individuals agree to be bound by the terms of this Confidentiality Clause and Employee agrees to be liable for …

  • Such individuals must also agree to this confidentiality clause.

  • Each party shall still abide by the confidentiality clause of this Agreement and perform its obligation of confidentiality until the other party approves release of that obligation or violation of such confidentiality clause of this Agreement will not result in any prejudice to the other party practically.

  • The Licence Agreement contained a confidentiality clause, and a termination clause which provided that a breach of the confidentiality obligation constituted a non-remedial material breach entitling the other party to give written notice of immediate termination.

  • The Court held that the confidentiality clause worked an information advantage to the bank which could learn from repetitive arbitration proceedings kept secret from one plaintiff customer to the next.