• Dispute Resolution

Definitions of concur

  • to agree

    The commission concluded that no criminal action should be taken, and we concur with this finding.

Phrase Bank for concur

  • If you concur in the consulting arrangement as described above, please so indicate by signing and dating this letter at the space below.

  • If you concur in the foregoing, please indicate your agreement by signing a copy of this letter in the space provided below.

  • If you concur, please sign both copies of this Letter Agreement in the Space provided and return one copy to me for our files.

  • A Receiver may carry on, manage or concur in the carrying on or managing of, the business for the time being.

  • … and shall provide written notice to GW to the extent that such stockholders concur with the registration of shares of GW Stock on such registration statement.

  • … to take possession of the Collateral hereby charged or to carry on the business of the Debtor and to concur in selling any of such Collateral or any part thereof.

  • The authors concurred with the majority in their disapproval of surrogacy for convenience.

Additional Notes for concur

  • concurrence (noun) a situation in which there is agreement between people, events, or things: The Senate’s concurrence is needed to approve the measure.