• Competition Law

Definitions of competitive

  • involving competition; used to describe practices that encourage competition in a market; the ability of people or companies to be more successful than others

    In a competitive economy you tend to get lots of small, focused companies.

Phrase Bank for competitive

  • The goal is to stay competitive with companies that could disrupt the financial services industry

  • Heathrow, is “jam-packed” and needs a third runway to remain competitive globally.

  • Doha Bank offers gold bars and mint coins to its customers at an extremely competitive price.

  • In a truly global marketplace, retailers must evolve to become competitive.

  • Retailers rush to go digital to gain a competitive edge.

  • A well-established company often enjoys a competitive advantage on the market.

  • We need to make the company more competitive.

  • We produce a range of goods at competitive prices.

  • London’s capital markets have grown because they are highly competitive.

  • A number of competitive bids were made during the auction.