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Definitions of civilization

  • a relatively high level of human social development and organization

    The introduction of railways in the 19th century was considered a sign of progress and civilization.

  • a particular well-organized and developed society

    There are certain similarities between the early civilization of Ancient Egypt and Egypt as it is today.

Phrase Bank for civilization

  • The late Stephen Hawking declared that AI could be the “worst event in the history of our civilization“.

  • Cultural observers have often noted that Europe – and, more broadly, Western civilization – despite historically unprecedented success, is in danger of losing itself.

  • We formed the Arch Mission Foundation after many years of research into the question of how to preserve human civilization over geological timescales-millions or billions of years.

  • When you look at the history of civilizations on Earth, it turns out most of them don’t make it, statistically.

  • If it’s a microbial civilization that’s so small that these things look like planets to them, that’s obviously not going to work.

  • There’s “something very unstable about technologically advanced civilization that means it doesn’t go on for long,” he said in the interview.

  • But mostly, I tell his story because if as Dostoevsky writes “the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”.

Additional Notes for civilization

  • civilized (adjective) Party B represents and warrants that it is willing to carry out construction in a civilized manner and that it will not pile its construction materials …