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Definitions of check

  • to look at something or someone carefully to find out whether something is there or whether something is as it should be

    We checked the files, but the letter was missing.

  • to stop, slow down, limit or otherwise control the actions, behaviour or growth of someone or something

    The law will create a second chamber of parliament, the Senate, able to check the president's powers.

Phrase Bank for check

  • How does the Supreme Court check the power of Congress?

  • You can check out my full CV on my website

  • They check the references of job applicants.

  • Police officers are to be issued with mirrors to check under their vehicles for booby trap bombs.

  • The police use the database to check against DNA samples taken from crime scenes.

  • Some employers report that they always check on applicants’ criminal records.

  • to check thoroughly

  • it’s worth checking