center of gravity doctrine


Definitions of center of gravity doctrine

  • a legal theory that if there is a question as to which law applies in a dispute, the law of the country with the most significant relationship to the event and parties applies

    "The court applied the center of gravity doctrine in this case."

Phrase Bank for center of gravity doctrine

  • It ought be resolved via application of our center of gravity doctrine adopted by this Court in 1968 and followed without deviation since that time.

  • When courts must select the applicable law, many courts apply the center of gravity doctrine (=the application of the law of the jurisdiction which has the most significant relationship with the matter in issue).

  • We sought justice on a number of fronts by adopting the center of gravity doctrine.

  • The trial court held that evaluation of the contacts and interests of New York and Colorado dictated that New York’s host-guest policy be applied and that the temporary residence of both parties did not alter the “center of gravity” doctrine sufficiently to warrant application of the Colorado statute (41 Misc.2d 657).