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Definitions of cash

  • money in the form of notes and coins

    The argument to use cash instead of credit is gaining popularity.

  • (slang) money

    She went to court to get cash from her ex-husband.

Phrase Bank for cash

  • They were confronted by the robbers, who demanded cash.

  • Although not actually cash, these assets can be converted into cash on demand with no financial penalty.

  • By doing so, it hopes to be able to generate enough cash to service its debt.

  • If you pay in cash, the wholesaler may give you one of these.

  • The result is a tax designed to raise cash from better-off voters in safe Tory areas and push it towards the marginals.

  • The event will raise cash for the deaf.

  • No matter how pressed for time or strapped for cash you may be, should you pass by one of these shops, with a window display of dummies wearing neatly ironed kagouls and ice-axes arranged in a fan shape round a rucksack, you will go inside and not leave until you have purchased a pair of thick socks.

Additional Notes for cash

  • cash (verb) to convert something into cash, especially a cheque or other negotiable instrument: Our advice is to cash cheques in larger banks in the nearest main town.