board resolution


  • Business (Corporate) Law/Company Law

Definitions of board resolution

  • an official decision taken by vote at a meeting of a board of directors

    The homeowners' association did not provide a copy of a board resolution regarding the action required to be taken by plaintiffs.

Phrase Bank for board resolution

  • When you assume this new role, you will retain responsibility for both the Legal Department and Corporate Development. This promotion is effective upon the approval of a Board resolution confirming this appointment.

  • The Board of Directors of the Bank has passed a Board Resolution that requires the Bank to maintain certain capital levels and to develop a Capital Plan.

  • By Board resolution, Directors and committee members may be paid their expenses, if any, of attendance at each Board.

  • ii) 300,000 shares to be issued pursuant to a Board Resolution.

  • (v) amend the bylaws of the corporation; and, unless the board resolution establishing the committee, the by-laws or the certificate of incorporation expressly so provide, …

  • Unless otherwise specified in the Board’s resolution appointing the committee, all provisions of the Delaware General Corporation Law and these Bylaws relating to meetings …