blanket lien


Definitions of blanket lien

  • a legal claim giving the right to take possession of nearly all types of assets, usually real property, owned by the debtor to pay for unpaid debt

    "In the case of a blanket lien, the language would include the word "all" with different property listed."

Phrase Bank for blanket lien

  • As part of the process of setting up the factoring relationship, we learned that the company’s current lender had placed a blanket lien against all assets of the business, including the accounts receivable.

  • The Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, or FHLB, allows us to borrow on a blanket lien status collateralized by certain securities.

  • Depending on how the loan agreement is structured, the lender may require a down payment (typically 20 to 30-plus percent), impose a blanket lien on your business assets or require additional collateral, such as real estate.

  • Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a secured party can perfect its blanket lien on certain of a debtor’s assets by the filing of a UCC-1 financing…

  • Lenders are required to take all available collateral and take a blanket lien on all company assets when making a 7(a) loan.

  • The Facts. Capital Business Credit LLC filed a UCC-1 financing statement with New York’s Department of State, asserting a blanket lien against

  • The RPL Section 339-l(2) absolute prohibition regarding the filing of a mechanic’s lien against the common elements of a condominium reflects a legislative intent to prevent the undue hardship that may be imposed upon individual owners of condominium units if a blanket lien on common elements was permitted.