bill of attainder


  • Constitutional Law

Definitions of bill of attainder

  • the act of removing someone’s civil rights by punishing them without trial

    In American, bill of attainder cases are rare and the term remains relatively undefined.

Phrase Bank for bill of attainder

  • Parliament passed a bill of attainder for treason against Mar in 1716, as punishment for his disloyalty.

  • However, case law can be wrong (morally and legally), and the bill of attainder issue can be a factor in the First Amendment analysis.

  • Accordingly, the Ninth Circuit should take a hint from the Supreme Court, and use the Bill of Attainder Clause to invalidate the carve-outs.

  • A ban on Planned Parenthood funding by Congress or any state legislature is an unconstitutional bill of attainder.

Additional Notes for bill of attainder

  • In contemporary use, a bill of attainder is a legislative act that singles a person or identifiable group out for punishment without a trial.

  • Historically, the bill of attainder was once used to find people guilty of a very serious crime and to sentence them to death without trial.