• Decedents Estates Law/ Estate and Trusts Law

Definitions of bequest

  • money, property or other assets, usually not real estate, that you leave for someone after you die

    A small bequest allowed her to live independently.

Phrase Bank for bequest

  • The hospital was founded using a bequest of £250,000 from Dr John Bartlet.

  • She received notice of an unexpected bequest.

  • Specific cash bequests were also paid at that time.

  • The Will also contained two bequests in the sum of $100,000 to each of the decedent’s(=the person who died) children.

  • There were delays in the administration and distribution of bequests

Additional Notes for bequest

  • Details of the bequest are written in a will (=an official document that says what a person wants to be done with their assets after their death).

  • bequeath (verb)