bail bond


  • Criminal Law

Definitions of bail bond

  • a document promising to pay money made by a a third party guarantying (=ensuring) the prisoner’s attendance in court in the future

    Bail bond companies in the US earn over $2 billion dollars every year.

Phrase Bank for bail bond

  • In the State of Maryland, companies that are unlicensed may neither enter into bail bond contracts nor engage in any bonding activities.

  • Most bail bond agents make it their business to get their clients to court. But when Ronald Egana showed up at the criminal courthouse in New Orleans, he was surprised to find that his bondsman wanted to stop him.

  • Now, Shivers is the face of bail bond reform.

  • Sean Thomas, a 20-year veteran of the bail bond business in Gainesville, said some of the people who would be automatically released will not bother to show up court.

  • Confessed scammer Xian Gaza has asked for help to come up with P160,000 for his temporary freedom, despite his bail bond fixed at P126,000 only. Gaza, who went viral mid-2017 over a “billboard coffee invite,” surrendered to the Malabon police on Thursday noon.

Additional Notes for bail bond

  • bail bondsman (noun) a person or institution that will provide money for bail (=a sum of money that a person accused of a crime pays to a court as a guarantee that they will return, so that they can be released until their trial): If you get arrested and you don’t have the cash to make bail, a bail bondsman can help you out.