background of the invention


  • Intellectual Property Law
  • US Law

Definitions of background of the invention

  • the part of a US patent application which describes the area of use to which the invention relates, any similar prior inventions and the problem solved by the invention

    The background of the invention introduces the subject material and compares it to other products in the field.

Phrase Bank for background of the invention

  • It goes on to give the background of the invention (“Romeo and Juliet”) and provides informative descriptions and drawings, like fig. 2, above.

  • As is often the case with patents, the background of the invention provides an interesting snapshot of an industry’s history and practices — in this case, turkey breeders and their customers.

  • Reference to a “Sequence Listing,” a table, or a computer program listing appendix submitted on an external CD. Background of the invention, including the origin of the idea.

  • The specification continues with a “Background of the Invention” section.ยด, which states that: “[p]harmaceuticals with very poor water solubility present formulation problems due to their slow rate of dissolution.”

  • The district court’s construction suggests that displayed images must be integrated into the background display, similar to the “patterns” of the traditional wallpaper described in the background of the invention.

  • The inventors of the ‘976 invention were not the first to create a digital fingerprint system. Several such prior-art systems are described in the “Background of the Invention” section of the patent.

  • American Academy points to language in the Background of the Invention portion of the patent application.