• General legal English

Definitions of auxiliary

  • giving help or support; supplementary

    An auxiliary police officer was suspended from the force and ordered to turn in his weapons.

Phrase Bank for auxiliary

  • I work during my vacations as an auxiliary nurse at my local hospital.

  • A. WHEREAS, Sublessor is the lessee of that certain aircraft identified as an auxiliary power unit, avionics, equipment, components, accessories, instruments …

  • (c) “Localization Auxiliary Programs” means auxiliary programs developed by Intergraph or third parties to facilitate translation and MicroStation usage in local …

  • During the term of the lease, if Party B discovers any damage or failure in the premise or its auxiliary facilities, Party B shall notify Party A for repair on a timely …

  • (B) Contractor is ready to furnish the drilling unit named BU-1600/100 complete with drilling and auxiliary equipment as well as with the …

Additional Notes for auxiliary

  • auxiliary (noun) The regulations cover nursing auxiliaries, enrolled nurses, staff nurses, sisters and clinical specialists.