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Definitions of attributable

  • if something is attributable to somebody or something then it is possible to say or to believe that something is the result or work of that particular person or thing

    Licensee's indemnity under (a) shall apply whether or not it is attributable to the negligent activities of the Indemnitees.

Phrase Bank for attributable

  • Blackbaud will take all reasonable steps to correct defects in the Covered Software that are directly attributable to programming.

  • Other explanations of failure are more clearly attributable to donors.

  • Her rights were infringed by a breach of Community law attributable to a member state.

  • We were able to determine from raw data just how many accidents were directly attributable to excessive speed.

  • This is only partly attributable to technological improvements.

  • Only a small percentage of its profits are attributable to he infringing advertising.