attractive nuisance (AmE)


  • Personal Injury Law/Tort Law

Definitions of attractive nuisance (AmE)

  • (TORT) anything on your land that might attract children into danger or harm, such as unfenced swimming pools, trampolines and abandoned refrigerators

    You're liable to be sued for creating an attractive nuisance.

Phrase Bank for attractive nuisance (AmE)

  • The wreck of a car was considered an attractive nuisance creating a danger to minors (=children).

  • The courts are reluctant to extend the doctrine of attractive nuisance.

  • The abandoned fridges were declared to be an attractive nuisance to children.

Additional Notes for attractive nuisance (AmE)

  • Some US jurisdictions have abolished the attractive nuisance doctrine and replaced it with specific conditions.

  • Although the doctrine is usually applied to young children, a Pennsylvania federal judge ruled that it could also be used by two 17-year-old boys who suffered serious burns when they climbed on top of a parked train.