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Definitions of attester

  • a person who witnesses the fact that someone actually signed a document or that a document is true and correct

    At common law, for ordinary documents, proof of the signature of one attester was enough.

Phrase Bank for attester

  • The public attester authenticates both the signature of a document and its contents.

  • If the plan has a new “attester” a new Electronic Attestation Acknowledgement form must be submitted to the State.

  • The attester provides certainty to the transaction.

  • Under proviso to section 68 of the Evidence Act in the absence of specific denial the attesters to the document need not be examined.

Additional Notes for attester

  • attestation (noun) y must bear witness to the document’s signing.

  • The term is sometimes used in other contexts: The changes will add doctors, nurses and refuge managers to the list of people who can act as an attester and lower the rank of police officers authorised to perform the function.